Friday, October 22, 2010

Data woes

Things I learned about MY data today while trying to troubleshoot my friends data:
  • multiplying by 1243.27 is not the same as multiplying by 124.327
  • milli means a 10^-3 multiplication, not 10^-2
  • combining these two mistakes into one cell calculation means that all of my data is off by two orders of magnitude
  • using this cell (cut and paste, drag and drop) for all the other calculations means that all the data in the sheet are off by two orders of magnitude
  • copying this cell into two other sheets means that all of that data is off two orders of magnitude as well
The good news- the data is not published yet.  The not great news-- I have made a table of these results and have sent them around to the other collaborators and to my PI.  My PI used the data in a talk he gave in July.  My boss will probably think that I am a big, huge fucking idiot....wait, I am a big fucking huge idiot.

Even crappier news-- I had my friend in the other lab trying to figure out why she was getting results that were two orders of magnitude lower. So because of my stupidity and lack of calculating/checking formulas ability I made her doubt was she was doing.

It has been a shitty week.  I have decided that either I am never going to do an excel formula calculation again OR I am going to write the formula by hand in every cell.

I feel like an idiot.
A big one.

I just want to go home.... 

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