Monday, June 27, 2011


In my efforts to collect all the relevant papers/manuscripts/obscure references I need to write an -gasp-NSF proposal-gasp- on some really cool science-y stuff, I ran across my first ever "WITHDRAWN" manuscript. This is the first time a manuscript I really, really wanted (from its title at least) has been labeled withdrawn. There are big huge red letters on every page of the manuscript.... And with no explanation (or at least that I could see in the "corrections" etc.....)

Now I want to know why it was withdrawn.

And since there is no explanation, I now have this most likely unfair bias in my head about the other articles these same authors have put out.  Can I trust this? Was the other paper withdrawn because of some contaminated buffers? Or was it something more sinister.  Dammit.  I want to know!!!!


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