Thursday, December 22, 2011


I do believe that there is a special circle of hell reserved for the people who incessantly talk to you while you are trying to pipette 2 uL of ten different components into eight PCR tubes.  An even deeper level of hell exists for those who are talking about numbers while you are trying to keep track of which tubes you added things into by mentally counting how many times you have added the PCR buffer mix to the different tubes.

I also believe that there is a small place inside this circle for those who feel it necessary to not only prattle on but also look over your shoulder while trying to load said PCR reactions onto an agarose gel and comment on your technique.  Especially when said cretins have never poured or run a gel in their lives.


quietandsmalladventures said...

holy crap!!! i'm pretty sure a very strident, "go AWAY for 15 minutes!" would have been flying out of my unfiltered mouth!! good luck with that one!

Dr. Zeek said...

Yeah- unfortunately, all looks of exasperation, asking for a few minutes and the a sundry curse word does nothing to dissuade this person. When they want a break from their office, we all "take a break". No amount of stern verbiage will chase them away from my bench. Or from my computer. Because, if I am sitting at my computer than I must not be busy. Or sitting at the bench.