Friday, November 21, 2008

The waiting game...

How in the world am I supposed to resubmit my fellowship application on Dec 8th without first having seen the comments as to why it scored so poorly (49 percentile..well, at least it got scored and didn't get triaged)? I have become obsessed with checking the era commons for my review sheets, just like I was for the fellowship scores. In fact, I really hope they don't keep track of how many logins you have in a day, because they would probably look at mine and laugh out loud. And, by the time the April 8th deadline rolls around, I'll have been in post-doc lab for a little over a year-and-a-half, which means my chances of getting funded in a "new field of interest" are going to be zilch. zero. nadda. Its not so new to you after you have been doing this for awhile and hopefully have two papers in press at that point.

Maybe I should just ride it out on the RO1 grant for the project (which the PI is more than happy to let me do), but there is always that line in faculty job applications "must be able to secure external funding" or have a track record for securing external nationally recognized blah-blah-blah--- where the University is making sure you can bring home the bacon. That little line makes me wonder if I should not try to find another fellowship, not so much for the extra money (which would be nice- although from what I have been hearing/comparing, my PI pays on the higher-end of the post-doc salary scale), but for the line or two on the CV. I mean, I can't tell the hiring committees that I helped write the RO1 grant and things like that, it doesn't matter what you help to do, rather what you yourself does.

Maybe I will take the long weekend (after partaking in turkey and stuffing and all the yummy goodness that is Thanksgiving at MrDrZeek's family) and do some hunting for other fellowships. It will be a good way to procrastinate on the two manuscripts that I have uber-data for and a really good story to tell- it just seems a tad daunting at this point. The coffee is done brewing and I have a bajillion graphs to start making, but maybe I will go check the era commons one more time for my review sheets.

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