Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleep, Snow, and Summary Statements

Time just has a way of getting away from me. Its been a long week and looking back at things, it doesn't seem like I got as much accomplished as I wanted to. I brought home a back-pack full of papers to organize for my manuscript, but after feeding MrDrZeek, doing up the dishes, cleaning the litter box and vegging on the couch for a bit, they are still sitting in my backpack, untouched. I should go through them tonight- and its not like I am not excited about going through them, finding pieces of previous work and whatnot that backup the really cool science that I have thrown down in the past few months, but...I don't know. Curling up with a book right now sounds so much more inviting.

I managed to finish the materials and methods and results section on the big manuscript, and my boss seemed fairly impressed by it this morning. One of the things I love about him is the 45 min to an hour turn-around time on rough drafts and things like that. It was an ego boost, going over everything and finding only minor grammar things (if you haven't realized, grammar is not my strong point). We discussed the re-submission of my NRSA fellowship in April. The summary sheets weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I have to completely rewrite my research plan, though. They liked the ideas, hated how it was organized, and want more big picture/hypothesis driven aims/research plan. No big thing.

What was surprising was what they said my referee's had said in my recommendation letters. I was surprised to hear how much my advisor and committee members in grad school "respected my abilities" and "fearlessness in taking on new challenges" (yes, that was a direct quote from the summary statement, cool no?). Now, the thing is, from the way my advisor talked about me when I was in grad school, you would think that he questioned if I was able to feed myself and tie my shoes in the morning. Wonders never cease.

So, all in all, its been an OK week. Nothing bad happened, nothing great, but OK. And, its snowing! As in snowing a lot (I believe we heard 15 inches by tomorrow night when the winter storm warning is over). I like snow, I like winter, but I hate waiting for the bus in the cold. I hate being cold. No, detest being cold. Who knows, maybe they will shut down the buses tomorrow and I will have another day off.

I was going to blog about a bunch of other things tonight, but my brain is NOT functioning (could be that I was up till 1:00 am last night watching a documentary one of my college friend's cousin did. If you get a chance, watch it! No, really, watch Dear Zachary , it was amazing) and I am too tired to think about anything but crawling into a warm bed with my latest read (even though I have read it already--have I mentioned I am a Stephen King junkie?) So, yeah...bed, book, sleep..not necessarily in that order.

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