Sunday, December 21, 2008

-35 degrees below?!?

The wedding went great, and the 12 inches of snow that came the night before (started at midnight and ended at noon on the day of the wedding) didn't put a damper on the wedding. The bride was gorgeous, the venue amazing, and was I ever glad that I decided to wear pants rather than a cute little dress (it was damn cold and snowy). After a day of "recouping" from the open bar, MrDrZeek and I headed back home this morning. Much to our surprise, we walked out to the mini-van in the morning and smack dab into the middle of the freaking Arctic wasteland. -35 degrees (F) below zero (wind chill, my children, -5 degrees F as a real temperature). Funny, once it gets 15 or so below, I can't seem to tell the difference between that and 35 below zero. But I am just weird like that.

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