Thursday, March 19, 2009

make the writing stop

I just want to get back to some bench work. Seriously. All this writing has put a damper on my mood (and motivation). This silly fellowship is due in two weeks and I have roughly two pages (since that puts me at the limit) to write. Two silly pages. Although, I should mention that I am proposing some crazy science never done with my favorite protein (MFP) that I only have a minimal background on-and of course this is the research design and methods part that I am putting off right now. I even purified some of MFP this week, just* to get my "hands dirty." Former post-doc now PI and I were talking today and he mentioned how this was great training for when/if I get a TT faculty position. Maybe, but I want to still stay in the trenches and just work on some really cool science.

*Not that I didn't/don't always need more of MFP- probably won't touch it for a few weeks, though....

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