Friday, March 6, 2009

Mission accomplished...

Paper submitted.

Now just waiting for the reviews.

The fact that it is my first first-author paper (my PI in grad school would always put himself as first author) is awesome. The fact that my name is followed by 5 PI's (for a total of 5 universities, none of them within 90 miles of each other- in fact three of them are on different continents) makes me laugh in a sad sort of way.

So, what's on tap for the next 6 months??
Paper 1: submitted
Paper 2: chemicals on back order for very important experiments (VIE), but writing everything else --two months ETA till first round of back and forth corrections
Fellowship Resubmit: due in 20-some odd days. I have opened a word.doc file and named it fellowhipresub.doc, but that is about as far as I am right now
Paper 3: bugs are grown and in the freezer, need to go on a purification spree- ETA of data to send around- 4-5 months (if I put this on the back burner to finish paper 2).

I need to get back to the bench today, if for no other reason than to save my sanity....

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