Friday, August 14, 2009

I think I killed a tree...

So, we (the collaborator A from land far away, collaborator B from not so far away and myself) are writing a review. I didn't realize how little I knew-i.e. how narrow my tunnel-vision had become- until I started looking at possible papers for the review. I think I went a tad "paper happy", though. I have a stack sitting on my desk roughly the size of a major metropolitan phonebook. Two-sided printing. For some reason, I can't read papers on the computer. I like to touch them, smell them (or at least the toner), write on them...maybe it is some weird tactile learning, but I think I may have killed a tree printing all this out today.

Not only is the review looming over my head, but bigbossman asked me if I would give a talk at our seminar series in a month or so since the gradstudents need an extra week to prepare their seminars. Sure. No problem (panic panic panic). I still don't feel like I have the lingo down and that giving a 45-min seminar (granted on my work) may be a bad idea. And the undergrads (note the plural, I have two minions this semester) will be pouring in the lab around that time- all eager and ready to learn...shit. Too much on my plate right now, what with party planning for the sister (when my parents said they want to plan a party for my lil' sis they should have just said "Dr. Zeek, can you plan a party for sister Zeek?"). Almost at the paralyzing point (did I mention data generation has slowed since I have no more protein! GAHHHH! 10 days from start to finish for each one-granted I can multi-task but this is putting me around the middle of September before I have protein...grrrr). Anyone have a hole I can crawl into?

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