Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trust me.

After a freak storm this morning (which was impressive to watch from my third-floor lab window) and a two-second (literally, the lights flickered-no computer nor clock reset) power outage, the air compressor and extremely important piece of equipment went out.  Fixed important equipment, fixed air compressor.

Did I mention that the air-con in the building also went out?  Did I also mention that, due to air-flow/circulation in the building, the windows in every lab and office are covered with storm windows screwed into the concrete that cannot be opened?  Did I also mention that an 80 degree lab is more unbearable than the 90 degree weather outside?

Really, it is.  Trust me.

And turning off the fluorescent lights in the lab-while conserving energy-doesn't do much for the overall temperature in the lab.  I would be working from the confines of home right now if the silly bacteria would grow....

Did I also mention that a highly humid lab is not conducive for weighing out LB media?  Really.  Trust me on this one.

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