Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just one more thing...

Went to talk to big-boss man about the "last" few experiments he wanted done (ok, that I wanted to do too) for paper(s) that I am writing. Mind you I have been in new post-doc lab since last sept (that would make it one year and some odd months). There was a huge learning curve for me, since I switched fields, but let's say that I have been working on the data for this manuscript since last Feb (as in getting quality, publishable data since then). In October, I approached bigboss man and said "Let's start writing this up" in which he agreed that there was more than enough data to put together a really good story.

So I started writing it up, saw a few holes in the story, did the experiments to fill in those gaps, and found a whole slew of new questions. It seems with every experiment, there are a million new questions that come up (which trust me, I thoroughly enjoy, esp trying to put it all together), but when is it enough? I think I have convinced him that we are better off with two manuscripts now, instead of one (YAY me--first author on both!!), but there doesn't seem to be a good ending point, if that makes sense.

So, I suppose I should go back to adding in the new results, fixing the graphs, and writing the discussion for the part that I am pretty sure is not going to change. And, now that I write that I have jinxed myself. But that is OK, its good to be back on a normal schedule, back in a routine, back in the lab getting my hands dirty and puzzling over all this data.

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