Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the results are in....

My health care provider has this awesome little thing where you can look up your test-results etc. online.  While this may not be the best thing in the world, the curiosity and waiting was killing me.  So, last night I glanced to see if my blood tests were up (remember, my Dr. in her awesome and infinite wisdom-ordered a whole battery of metabolic, iron and other tests).

And the results?  Nothing out of the norm.  No glaringly obvious levels of anything that could be causing all of my symptoms.  Sure, some of the numbers are on the high side of normal, as in extremely close to being out of the "normal" range, but seriously, there seems (at least in my uneducated view) to be nothing wrong.  I am not sure how I feel about looking at the test results, though, without having an educated idea of what's going on with them.  I mean, really, any Joe Schmoo could look up their results, google things on the internet about the test and self-diagnose.  I wonder if they put the results for the really hard-core tests on there as well-like if the tumor biopsy is malignant or not.  I mean, wouldn't you rather hear what's going on from the doctor rather than seeing the cold hard numbers on a computer screen? 

Maybe that is why this isn't such a good idea--looking at the test results without actually knowing what I am doing. 

So, it looks like I am a lazy hypochondriac who just needs to get off my ass and suck it up.  Not that I am bummed that there is nothing wrong with me, I just want to stop feeling like shit and get on with my life, like I was 2 months ago.  Right now, I feel like a loser (not that, again, I wanted something to be wrong with me, but I want to know why I feel like crap!)

The actual Dr. appointment is in an hour.  Maybe she has some other ideas. 

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