Thursday, March 18, 2010

UPDATED:FFS...I think I lost my mojo

Seriously, either my shit didn't work today or someone was joking with me and decided to piss in my reaction mixture.  It should not be this yellow, should it?  WTF?  I would not be so pissed off if (a) I hadn't done this a million times before (b) I hadn't spent 4 months troubleshooting a problem with this stuff that wasn't a "problem" on my end and (c) I need these next few MFP preps to work since I have a very big conference deadline looming in the horizon and Big Boss Man is talking about this shit, so I need data! Pronto!

I won't know until late tomorrow if things really crapped out or if it just worked so extremely well that this is "normal" and I have never seen it before.  Dammit.  Now I am going to be mulling all this over instead of enjoying the basketball game tonight. I have been looking forward to the game, a beer (mmmm, Leinekugel's Creamy Dark), pizza and hot wings, and some trash talking to my Dad (my alma mater vs. his hometown team) all day now.  

Seriously, where did my mojo go?  Do I have to start dancing around the equipment and make sacrifices to the biochemistry gods?  This is just getting ridiculous....


The beer was awesome, the pizza even better and the game, while incredibly well-played and exciting to watch did not have the outcome I wanted (one point? one point down with 2 sec left...come on? seriously???). 

As for the lab mojo-- all that worrying for freaking NOTHING!  Just checked some things and everything is behaving as it should.  Maybe it was just that damn impostor syndrome rearing its ugly head? (and I think I know what happened the last time-I can be such a dumb ass and this just confirmed it) Anyways, it is a good way to end the week.  And puts me in a great mood for the start of "week from hell" on Sunday.  I may just go to the coffee shop this afternoon and plan experiments/read papers since I was convinced I would have to spend the day troubleshooting.   

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