Friday, February 13, 2009

Cloud nine...

Just a quickie. (I love quickies)

I am on cloud 9 (and 10 and even 11). Big boss man looked at the paper last night and I was expecting to get roasted this morning.

My old advisor had drilled it into my head that I had no idea how to write a decent sentence, let alone a manuscript (which is funny since he was a non-native English speaker and I used to correct his grammar, etc. and even more funny that I am blogging now- but I notice that I write the way I think- way confused and all over the board sometimes... Any way, I digress....)

Needless to say I was slightly concerned when I handed off the manuscript. I thought this is it, he is going to realize that I have no clue and wonder how many days there are left on my contract so he can get rid of me (can we say impostor syndrome anyone?)

So, I walked into the lab library (and for some reason the Darth Vader music was playing in my head) with my coffee and settled down with big boss man this morning, figuring this was it.

Turns out he thought the paper was extremely well-written. In looking at the comments, there are a few sentences that need to be completely rewritten and one figure to "fix", but other than that he was extremely excited and I think somewhat impressed. And I feel a little bit better, until I give him the next manuscript for editing....

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