Friday, February 6, 2009

People are nuts....

Mr DrZeek and I have been tormented for the past three years by commercials for a fast-food chain that looked and sounded better than anything else, but the nearest one was over two hours away. Not worth it. (And OK, I get it that fast-food is bad and unhealthy and just not good for you- but it is a nice "treat" for us occasionally-burgers and fries...mmmm....)

Every time the commercials came on, we cursed the TV until, that is, we found out that they were opening a restaurant in post-doc city about 5 minutes from our house. Since Mr DrZeek took off today, we hopped in the car and drove over there. After 20 min, yes I said 20 min in the drive thru- we got up in line and ordered. Thinking that the huge amount of people was due to the "Grand Opening" the hubby commented on how it was a beautiful day to finally open. The kid just laughed and said, "no, the Grand Opening was Monday. There was a three-hour wait..."

Are you freakin' kidding me? Three hours for a burger and fries? I was getting annoyed after 10 min. Three hours?

OK, so the burger and fries were awesome, I admit. But three freakin' hours? Uh-hu, no way. People are insane...

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